The ACADEMY is Black Box Acting’s most intensive training program.
The conservatory runs for 100 days and trains actors to Work Hard and Be Fearless.

The ACADEMY training logistics:

  • Five months of rigorous conservatory training
  • Immersion in Meisner, Viewpoints, Text Analysis, Classics, TV/Film
  • Individualized instruction led by the Black Box ACADEMY Instructors
  • Admission based on application and audition
  • Final Graduate Showcase for leading industry professionals

The Black Box Method trains actors to:

  • Work consistently from the most honest and brave place possible
  • Be present, free and open to inspiration on stage
  • Use imagination to live truthfully under given circumstances
  • Incorporate text, direction and collaboration into an individualized process
  • Trust that you are enough
  • Work at a professional pace with a revolutionized artistic process

The ACADEMY is Black Box Acting’s regimented, five-month training program. Actors are selected for the ACADEMY ensemble based on an application, audition and interview process. The diverse ensemble is made up of local, national and international students, who are either new to Black Box or are former students from The STUDIO program. The program culminates in a final Graduate Showcase open to leading industry professionals.