ACADEMY Curriculum

STAGE I: Work Hard

The Black Box Method

Immerse yourself in Black Box training and walk away with a tangible process. Revolutionize your approach to text by mastering all aspects of The Black Box Method, and it’s Viewpoints and Meisner components.

In Stage I, you will learn to own who you are on stage without apology, unleash your imagination, live fully and fearlessly in your work, and redefine what success means to you.

Stage I pushes you to find your artistic voice, even while you are speaking through a playwright’s words.

STAGE II: Be Fearless

The Revolution

Flex and exercise your new process. Drill application daily through a variety of industry hurdles. Tackle ensemble scenes, classics, film, TV, commercials and the scariest roles you hope to play.

Stage II will prep you to become more than just an actor; The ACADEMY revolutionizes your process and grooms you to become an Artistic Leader in the community. You will complete Stage II feeling ready to test your skills in a professional setting.

STAGE III: No Regrets

No Consequences

Fearlessly dive head first into a professional rehearsal process and performance. Stage III is the culmination of your ACADEMY training.

Directed by a Black Box Team Member, your final performance is open to industry professionals, casting directors, agents and artistic directors. This collaborative production will showcase your most provocative moments in the ACADEMY training.