THE STUDIO Curriculum


B1 - HUMAN BEHAVIORB1: Human Behavior

Get out of your head and open the door to physical freedom and emotional availability. Challenge yourself to be the most honest and brave you have ever been in your work.

B2 - POWER OF IMAGINATIONB2: Power of Imagination

Lock and load your Black Box Method training. Tackle text fearlessly, unleash physical impulses, and harness the power of your imagination.  Claim your artistic voice within scene work.

B3 - THE HYBRIDB3: The Professional

Revolutionize your process using the final tools of the Black Box Method.  Receive an in-depth text analysis road map for auditions and performances. Practice applying your process with artistic integrity.


Put what you’ve learned to the test with some of the best talents in the industry. Generally open only to students who’ve completed B3 in The STUDIO or have graduated from The ACADEMY.