What is the difference between Early Decision and Regular Decision?

The application for admission is identical for both Early Decision and Regular Decision applicants; however, upon auditioning, Early Decision candidates must commit to accept a position in The Winter 2015 ACADEMY, if one is offered. Failure to accept an Early Decision offer will result in a 2-year waiting period before you are allowed to re-apply to The ACADEMY.

Do I have a better chance of getting accepted to The ACADEMY if I apply Early Decision?

Yes. Due to a smaller applicant pool, there is a significantly higher acceptance rate for Early Decision candidates.

Is my audition the same whether or I apply Early Decision or not?

No. Early Decision auditions offer more time and operate as a working session between the candidate and the admissions staff. This means that Early Decision applicants will have the opportunity to fine-tune audition material within the audition itself.

If I apply Early Decision, do I still have to wait until November 24 to find out if I’ve been accepted to The ACADEMY?

No. Early Decision candidates will be notified of their enrollment status by September 22; this is 2 months earlier than the Regular Decision offer date.

If accepted to The ACADEMY, I will need financial aid to afford the tuition. Should I still apply Early Decision?

No, you should not. Financial aid applications are not reviewed until the Regular Decision application period has closed. Students who are accepted Early Decision are committed to pay the full tuition, but will not know the status of their financial aid applications at the time their deposit and confirmations are due. As a result, if a student cannot make a commitment to The ACADEMY without the guarantee of financial aid, they should only apply Regular Decision.

What is the deadline for Early Decision Applications?

The Early Decision Application Deadline is Monday, August 25th, 2014.

I don’t want to apply Early Decision, but I want to submit my application as soon as possible. If I apply before August 25, does that mean I have to be considered for Early Decision?

No. Regular Decision applications are always accepted. If you submit a Regular Decision application anytime before August 25, it is still considered with the rest of the Regular Decision applicant pool. This means that you will audition on one of the three Regular Decision audition dates; you will be notified of your status on November 24th; and you will not be obligated to accept a position in The ACADEMY if offered.

I have more questions about Early Decision vs. Regular Decision applications. Can someone help me?

Yes! Please email our Director of Admissions, Sarah-Jayne Ashenhurst, at admissions@blackboxacting.com with any additional questions.