If I submit an application am I guaranteed an audition?

No.  ACADEMY audition spaces are limited, so the sooner your application is received in our system, the more likely it is that you will receive an invitation to audition.  Applicants whose materials are received after all appointments have been filled will be placed on an audition waiting list.

Do you offer financial aid?

While we do not offer traditional financial aid packages, we do provide extended payment plans and limited scholarship opportunities to students who qualify for them. Please click here to access The ACADEMY Financial Aid Application.

How is The ACADEMY different from The STUDIO?

The ACADEMY is a regimented, five-month conservatory program comprised of an elite group of artists. This comprehensive training program runs five times a week, demands a high level of commitment from its students, offers more intensive and individualized training, and provides a significant amount of time to study, practice, drill and apply The Black Box Method. The curriculum for The ACADEMY spans every aspect of the industry from Classics to TV/Film and culminates in an invited final Showcase.

How are students selected for The ACADEMY ensemble?

Acceptance to The ACADEMY is based on an application, interview and audition. Because of the intensive and accelerated nature of the training, only the most dedicated and fearless students are admitted.

What experience do your Instructors have?

All Black Box Instructors are working artists in the theatre and film industry, as well as practicing students. They are individually invited to the Black Box Instructor Training Program. After graduation, Instructors continue their education through ongoing training. Black Box Instructors hold themselves to the same standards as their students, so don’t be surprised to see them in class with you. For a more detailed look at our Instructors, visit our TEAM page for bios and testimonials.

Will I be able to work while I’m a member of The ACADEMY ensemble?

Training takes place Monday through Friday for five months. You are required to book out with your agents during all class times as well as the entire rehearsal process for the final Showcase.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. After your deposit you have the option to split your tuition in 2 or 4 payments.

What is the Black Box Method?

The Black Box Method follows a regimented and streamlined curriculum based on the Meisner Technique and Viewpoints. The Black Box Method unleashes physical and emotional impulses, frees the imagination and builds stamina, focus and endurance while training actors to live truthfully and fearlessly under imagined circumstances. The Black Box Method trains actors to uphold integrity, honesty and bravery at all times. We train you to Work Hard and Be Fearless.

What are Meisner and Viewpoints?

Sanford Meisner advocated fully immersing yourself in the moment through commitment to a scene’s circumstances. Viewpoints is a technique based on work by Anne Bogart and Tina Landau and gives you the tools to discover how your body can fuel your acting process. Simply put, at Black Box we use the Meisner Technique and Viewpoints to teach you how to “€œnot act.”€ You will learn to live fully on stage as yourself, follow physical impulses and commit 100% to the given circumstances of a script.

What if I have additional questions?

We’re always here to help you, so please don’t hesitate to email our Admissions Department at with any questions you don’t see answered here! Our ACADEMY Logistics Page is also a great resource.