The class I want to take is sold out. What do I do?

When a class sells out, the “ENROLL” button automatically redirects to our waitlist. Simply sign up on the provided form and, if space opens up, a member of our admissions team will be in touch. It is not uncommon for students on the wait list to get into class.

Do you limit the number of students in each class?

Yes. We limit class sizes to provide actors with a highly personal, individualized experience. The maximum number of students accepted into core STUDIO classes ranges from 8 to 12.

After I complete a class, do I automatically advance to the next level?

Your understanding and application of the training, as well as your professionalism, is evaluated at the end of each session and you must receive instructor approval to advance to the next level. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for a student to decide to repeat a level of the training before advancing, even if they receive instructor approval to advance. While many students do progress through all three levels one after another, each student’s journey through The Black Box Method is unique.

What experience do your Instructors have?

All Black Box instructors are working actors as well as practicing students. They are individually invited to the Black Box Instructor Training Program. After graduation, instructors continue their education through ongoing training. Black Box instructors hold themselves to the same standards as their students, so don’t be surprised to see them in class with you. For a more detailed look at our instructors, visit our TEAM page for bios and testimonials.

What is the Black Box Method?

The Black Box Method follows a regimented and streamlined curriculum based on the Meisner Technique and Viewpoints. The Black Box Method unleashes physical and emotional impulses, frees the imagination, and builds stamina, focus, and endurance while training actors to live truthfully and fearlessly under imaginary circumstances. The Black Box Method trains actors to uphold integrity, honesty, and bravery at all times.

What are Meisner and Viewpoints?

Sanford Meisner’s technique is designed to train you to live truthfully in scene work as yourself under imaginary circumstances.  Viewpoints is a physical technique based on work by Anne Bogart and Tina Landau and gives you the tools to discover how your body can fuel your acting process.

Simply put, at Black Box we use the Meisner Technique and Viewpoints to teach you how to “not act.” By combining these techniques, you will learn to live fully on stage as yourself, to follow physical impulses, and to commit 100% to the given circumstances of a script.

Is training at Black Box for everyone?

Black Box Acting and The Black Box Method are best suited for people with a willingness to change, a passionate work ethic, and a fearless attitude.

Why do professional actors need to start at B1?

The Black Box Method is streamlined and extremely intensive, so we require that all students start from the same place, with the same groundwork and the same language. This way a common foundation is built for all students to be set up for success.

Can I audit a class?

Due to the intensive, personal nature of our training, we cannot allow auditing in our classes. We do this to create a brave space amongst our ensembles. In lieu of observing, we invite you to contact our Student Affairs Coordinator, Maddy, who is an alumna of both The STUDIO and The ACADEMY to speak more about the in-class experience. You can reach her at

What forms of payment do you take?

While enrolling through our website using credit/debit is preferred, we are also able to take cash and check. If you need to make non-card payment arrangements, please contact our Student Affairs Coordinator directly at

Is there Financial Aid available for STUDIO classes?

Yes. We are committed to creating accessible training for all who wish to study at Black Box. Please visit our STUDIO Scholarships & Financial Assistance page for more information and to apply.

If I need to drop my class because I get cast, can I get a refund or transfer my deposit to a later class?

If withdrawing from class more than 7 days prior to start date, the amount of the tuition paid, less the deposit, will be credited back to the original payment method.
If withdrawing from class with 7 days or less to start date, the amount of the tuition, less the deposit, will be available as Black Box credit for one year.

The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.

If withdrawing on or after start datetotal tuition and deposit are forfeited.

Do you require previous acting or Meisner experience to enroll in your classes?

No! We work with both beginning actors and seasoned professionals.

Can non-actors take classes?

Absolutely. Our classes teach not only a technique, but a whole new level of honesty, bravery and communication.

How old are your students?

Our STUDIO students range in age from 18 to 60+, with the majority of them being in their 20s and 30s. We do also offer a Young Adult Program for actors aged 10-18.

What if I have additional questions?

We’re always here to help you, so please don’t hesitate to email Maddy Bernhard, Student Affairs Coordinator, at with any questions you don’t see answered here!